Hyaluronic SeruGel | 1oz/30ml -20%
Thirsty? Give your skin a deep drink of Hyaluronic Acid. As one of the most hydrophilic (water-lovin..
$45.95 $36.76

Sun Damage Repair Serum | 1oz/30ml -20%
See Spot, then see Spot run - right off your face! If you've had too much fun in the sun, DeVita's l..
$39.95 $31.96

Say goodbye to dry skin! DeVita's ultra rich, Fragrance Free Shea Butter Brulee is amazing! It is tr..

Sunshine Go Away Today... And it will with DeVita's feather-light, never heavy, oily or greasy miner..

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The Secret to Flawless Skin is Out!

The Secret to Flawless Skin is Out!

DeVita 01/06/2016 0
We all covet those with seemingly perfect skin.  How do they look so young? What prevents their skin from breaking out? How is it that their pores loo...
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Why consumers are actually reading their skincare labels.

Why consumers are actually reading their skincare labels.

DeVita 01/06/2016 0
We count the calories, carbs and sugars in the pursuit of a healthy body and longevity.  It’s time we turn our attention to what goes on our face and ...
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What’s Growing in your Makeup Brushes?!

What’s Growing in your Makeup Brushes?!

DeVita 22/06/2016 0
 How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Once a week, month, year, maybe never? Left over makeup and oils from your skin can build up and create  ...
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Contour Challenge

Contour Challenge

DeVita 21/07/2016 0
 2 "regular girls" trying out contouring for the first time!...
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