A L O E [ R E ] I M A G I N E D

A L O E [ R E ] I M A G I N E D

The use of Aloe Vera dates back to ancient Egypt and Chinese cultures for its medicinal and healing properties. It has been used widely for centuries for it’s incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and overall incredible healing benefits.


In shorter history, DeVita has been utilizing Aloe Vera for its delivery system since its start, 20 years ago. Aloe can penetrate the skin four times faster than water making it the ultimate delivery system for all the incredible active naturals and potent plant extracts and antioxidants we pack into our products.


We knew that there was so much opportunity to make a good thing better with all the ingredient and technology innovation that have come out over the past 20 years. So, we started with our tried and true, Aloe Vera and took it up a notch. Aloe reimagined, if you will.


We utilize a high polysaccharide, organic, non-GMO Aloe Vera as the base of our proprietary delivery system (Aloe-Hyplex ®). Basically, we took our already fabulous aloe vera, and took it to the next level. The high polysaccharide content is important because polysaccharides play a crucial role in maintaining the skin's natural moisture levels along with skin renewal and repair.


Using this elevated aloe vera as the base in our core delivery systems allows all the incredible potent plant extracts, antioxidants, peptides and natural goodness we have packed into our products to penetrate deeper to be as efficacious as possible.


Our deep roots with aloe vera as a powerhouse ingredient and as a main player in our delivery system has been a staple since DeVita’s start, here’s to the next 20 years with aloe reimagined!

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