The age old question: To tone or not to tone?


Every couple of years the consensus seems to flip: ‘toning is a must’ versus ‘don’t waste your money on it’. 

Well, we’re here to bust the myth! Toners DO in fact play an integral part in your skin care routine.


Let’s de-bunk the myth!


Skin’s pH can be disrupted by environmental factors, products you put on your skin, what you eat, and so many other things, and an imbalanced skin pH can cause irritation and inflammation. This is a reason why DIY/home remedy skin care concoctions can be unsafe because, generally speaking, everyday kitchen and bathroom products that would go into these mixtures have a pH that is different from that of the skin. But, we digress. Our toners are made with a pH of 3 and actually aid in restoring the skin’s pH balance which will in turn help your treatment products and moisturizers work with your skin as well!


Toners have astringent properties (from the witch hazel) that aid in removing residual cleanser and bacteria on the skin. It also helps improve the appearance of pores by seemingly shrinking them. As you could guess, these would be especially helpful for those with oily skin to help dry up some of that oil. However, we also have the Aloe-Hyplex in this product which means you’re getting hydrating aloe and hyaluronic acid in there, too!


QUICK RECAP: Toners ARE useful!


  • Removes residual cleanser
  • Balances skin’s pH/Preps skin for treatment products
  • Astringent properties to reduce appearance of pores 
  • Good for all skin types, especially oily/acne prone


Pro Tip: Put it in the fridge/cooler and use it as a summer-day refresher! In sunny AZ, these cooling refreshers are lifesavers.

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