Are DeVita products suitable for all skin types?
Yes, the line was created specifically for those with sensitive skin


Are DeVita products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. DeVita is committed to protecting animals; we are certified cruelty free with Leaping Bunny and certified vegan and cruelty free with PETA.


Are DeVita products made in the USA?



Are DeVita ingredients organic?

We choose to use organic ingredients when they are available to us, you will see these listed on the packaging with an * next to the ingredient.  


Do DeVita products contain parabens?

Nope! Never have and never will.  


Are DeVita products Gluten free?



Are DeVita products Soy Free?


Are DeVita products suitable during pregnancy and for nursing mothers?

While we are confident that there are no indications that any ingredient that DeVita’s products contain could cause any problems for pregnant or nursing mothers, we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before changing your normal routine.


What's happening with DeVita's SPF product?

Our SPF product will be re-launching Fall 2019 due to the testing required for all SPF products. We can assure you that the product will be SPF30, UVA/UVB protective, always paraben free and formulated with the cleanest, most efficacious ingredients available to us and it will absolutely be worth the wait!



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