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[Re]Introducing DeVita
Innovation in safe, effective, naturally-sourced ingredients made us (re)think our approach to formulating plant-based skincare.
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Our proprietary delivery system deeply enriches the skin resulting in long term hydration balance and calming benefits

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Aug27 Why Soy Free…Hormone Disruption is changing the way we choose our personal care products
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Over the last 12 months while digging into the chemistry of ingredients for the re-introduction of DeVita, it came to my attention that many of the ingredient manufacturers added soy as an “incidental” to many raw ingredients.  Incidental substances are those items ..
Aug27 To Tone or Not to Tone
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The age old question: To tone or not to tone?  Every couple of years the consensus seems to flip: ‘toning is a must’ versus ‘don’t waste your money on it’. Well, we’re here to bust the myth! Toners DO in fact play an integral part in your skin care routine.   Let’s ..
Aug27 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Alcohols in Skin Care
Devita 0 130
Alcohol is one of the most misunderstood ingredients in skincare. Well I'm here to help you out with the confusion behind alcohol; the good and the bad when it comes to skincare.For those of us in the plant based, naturally derived world of skincare, many that even ..
Jul29 Formulary Promise
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With all the changes going on at DeVita we want to assure you that the foundation of why this company was started is still holding strong. So, plain and simple, we wanted to proudly display our Formulary Promise to remind you, our customers, that we did the leg work..
Apr24 Letter from Our Founder
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A good thing just got better. For 20 years, DeVita has been a thought leader in paraben free, vegan skincare. Today, we are holding ourselves to an even higher formulation standard that complements an expanded product promise. You can trust that DeVita products are ..
Apr24 Aloe-Hyplex
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Here’s the basics:Aloe Hyplex combines naturally-sourced, multi-molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and soothing green tea, within a high-polysaccharide, organic aloe vera delivery system that deeply enriches the skin on two levels, resulting in long term hydration..
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