Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a buzzword that has been at the top of the skincare industry for years and doesn’t seem to be losing any steam, and for good reason!


HA can hold 1000x its weight in water making it a super hydrating molecule. It hydrates your skin, plumping it to promote supple skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!


An awesome feature about the HA we use is that it is multi-molecular weighted, which means that there are two-sizes of HA molecules. Larger molecules stay on the surface of the skin (epidermis) and hydrate there, while smaller molecules penetrate to hydrate deeper into the dermis.


You will find HA (labeled, Sodium Hyaluronate on the ingredient lists) in every single one of DeVita’s products - making them extra hydrating and great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Pro tip: If you’re finding that your skin is extra dry from all the hand washing these days, after you apply your hyaluronic treatment to your face add an extra drop for hydrating those hands of yours, and the same thing goes with a night cream!