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Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Quench your skin’s thirst for moisture, naturally. DeVita's Hyaluronic Intensive Seru-Gel provides an instant burst of hydration to a dull, depleted complexion. Our synergistic blend of multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acids replenishes your skin’s natural resources by boosting hydration..
Brand: DeVita
 -betternutrition BEST OF NATURAL BEAUTY AWARD WINNER 2020WHAT IS IT? Bright, even, more youthful looking skin naturally. DeVita's Luxe C17 Serum is a high-potency, multi-tasking vitamin c treatment designed to combat the most common signs of aging. This anhydrous, oil-soluble cock..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Wake up the appearance of dark, puffy, lined eyes with naturally sourced ingredients. DeVita's Revitalizing Eye Crème utilizes fast-acting, potent plant extracts that help lift and smooth the appearance of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles. These naturally-sourced, powerful actives also..
Brand: DeVita
This heavenly duo will leave your skin with a dewy, supple glow.Hyaluronic Intensive Seru-Gel: Boost hydration above and below the surface with multi-molecular hyaluronic acids for a fuller, smoother, more supple complexion that radiates youth.Luxe C17 Serum: Stable, oil-soluble, high potency (17..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Reveal youthful skin, naturally. DeVita’s Optimal Rejuvenating Complex is a high-performance, age-defying complex powered by a potent youth blend of alpha hydroxy acids, peptides, illuminating vitamin c, and natural extracts and emollients to reveal a radiantly youthful-looking complexion..
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