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[Re]Introducing DeVita
Innovation in safe, effective, naturally-sourced ingredients made us (re)think our approach to formulating plant-based skincare.
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Our proprietary delivery system deeply enriches the skin resulting in long term hydration balance and calming benefits


Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Wake up to fresh, radiant, youthful-looking skin naturally. DeVita's Evening Rich Moisture Cream works overnight to deeply replenish the skin with long-lasting hydration while minimizing the signs of aging. This ultra-rich moisturizer features a proprietary tripeptide complex to help supp..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Reveal youthful skin, naturally. DeVita’s Optimal Rejuvenating Complex is a high-performance, age-defying complex powered by a potent youth blend of alpha hydroxy acids, peptides, illuminating vitamin c, and natural extracts and emollients to reveal a radiantly youthful-looking complexion..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?DeVita's Perfecting Time Moisturizer is a lightweight, calming and soothing daily moisturizer that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to the skin. Packed with anti-aging properties, this multi-tasking moisturizer locks in and retains moisture while improving skin's firmness, so..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Revitalize and restore skin's pH naturally with DeVita's Refreshing Rose Toner. The astringent properties of alcohol-free witch hazel helps to control oil, refine pores, and ward off blemish-causing bacteria. Willow Bark works to provide anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. Multiple b..
Brand: DeVita
WHAT IS IT?Clean, smooth, refreshed skin naturally. DeVita Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser gently removes dirt, oil and makeup while helping turn over dead skin cells by gently buffing them away. Breakthrough microsponge technology thoroughly cleanses the skin as it smoothes dull, uneven skin texture..
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