How to Tell:

-all over dryness; dehydrated

-prone to moisture loss and dehydration

-dull texture, due to age and hormonal change

-skin becomes drier, wrinkles become more noticeable

-spots and growths appear on the surface

-collagen and elastin fibers weaken

Recommended Devita Natural Skin Care System Dry/Mature Regime

-Step 1 – Cleanse: Morning and Night – Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser

-Step 2 – Tone: Morning and Night – Cool Cucumber Facial Toner

-Step 3 – Treat: Morning – Hyaluronic SeruGel, follow with DeVita C Serum. Night –Hyaluronic SeruGel, follow with Optimal Rejuvenation

-Step 4 – Moisturize: Morning – Solar Protective Moisturizer 30+, Night – Evening Rich Nutritional Moisturizer alternate with Perfecting Time Moisturizer

-Step 5 – Focused Eye Zone: Morning and Night – Under Eye Repair Serum follow with Revitalizing Eye Lift Creme

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