Seasonal Skin Care Changes

Posted by DeVita 12/06/2016 0 Comment(s)


Is the cold weather taking a toll on your skin?

If you haven’t updated your routine for the new season, it’s time and we’re here to help!





Make sure you’re exfoliating 1-2 times per week so your moisturizer can do its job! Also, exfoliation isn’t just for your face; include your legs, arms, feet, etc in the mix to get the best results from your body moisturizer, too!





If your normal moisturizer isn’t quite doing the job, make the switch to a thicker/richer face cream to get the moisturization you need.



Take a little time after your shower when your skin is still damp to put lotion on, it’ll help keep the moisture in your skin.


Dry/cracking hands

Just can’t seem to get your hands to be smooth? Go the extra step and apply a thick layer of moisturizer before you go to bed and throw on some gloves to really help the moisturizer go deep and repair your hands. Same with your feet and socks!

Happy winterizing your skin care regime!



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