Barbara Douglas05/01/2012

I am super picky about the things I buy, and it takes alot for me to say that I love something. That being said, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this sunscreen!!!
I am Indian, and I have skin that burns very easily in the sun and I am allergic to most sunscreen. I have searched FOREVER for the perfect sunscreen, and I am happy to say that this is it. This is an AMAZING product. It goes on light, like a moisturizer, and does not leave a white cast or clog pores. It absorbs in a few minutes and leaves my skin with a satiny finish.
I purposely put this on before stepping out on a burning sunny day just to test it out. No burning, no sensitivity, no signs at all that I was in the sun at all. It completely protected my super sun-sensitive skin:) My search for the perfect sunscreen has come to an end, and i could not be happier.
Customer Service Director spent so many days helping me and giving me as much information as possible. She answered every single question I had, and I am very grateful to her. I am a loyal customer for life:)

Jacqueline Gallagher02/12/2012

Love it. I use it every day on exposed areas. Soaks right in a few mins after applying it. I carry it around in my bag and use as hand cream to keep me protected all day when I'm out and about.