Catherine Wang07/11/2012

After trying this, I just had to give a review on it to assist those who might consider and are considering this product.
I am of Asian descent who tans and doesn't burn easily.
Texture: smooth and not tacky like other natural and mineral sunscreen. Easy to apply and non-greasy. Best way to describe it is putting on lotion.
Protective Properties: Was outside in dead heat of noon, did not burn. I forgot to apply this in the back of my neck and did notice a significant difference between the applied portion and non applied portion of my body.
I still have not tried it on my face... which will be the ultimate test, in my opinion as I have extremely sensitivities on my face.
I love this product and highly recommend it!

Anjali Mathew04/04/2012

I rarely ever write reviews because there hasn't been a skin care product or line that's come along in a long time that I've been this excited about. That's all changed since DeVita! Although I've only been using products from this line for about a month as of the date of this writing, my skin has already shown a positive effect from the various serums, treatments and moisturizers that I've been using. A good way to try several products at once is to order their try-me or travel sized kits, which I did. About me: 40 yo, Asian, normal to slightly oily skin (t-zone); normal to dry in the winter; fine lines/wrinkles, old acne scars & slight sun damage are my major skin concerns, and of course, prevention!

About the toner: I love toners, not as a necessity, but frequent use makes my skin care routine seem "incomplete" without it, so it's more of a habit. Having said that, the Cooling Cucumber toner is a really good, effective toner. It takes off any traces of makeup that I may have missed after cleansing, and primes my face for serum and other treatments that I apply. Another fact about this toner (similar to the Rose toner), is that it contains lactic acid and other exfoliators, which goes above and beyond your "basic" toner. Everything is natural and vegan as all the products in the Devita line. I'm a big fan of exfoliation, so any extra I can get, as long as it doesn't irritate, sting or otherwise disagree w/ my skin, is a plus. This toner does not do anything negative to my skin and does have a slightly 'cooling' effect. No tightness, irritation, or adverse effects whatsoever. I apply this product w/ a cotton pad & go through quite a bit of product compared to other products, but I like to apply heavily and while my face is still slightly damp w/ toner I apply my serum for maximum absorption. The cucumber toner, similar to the aloe cleanser, is pretty fragranced, but disclaimer: I have a horrible sense of smell & most fragrances do not bother me anyway. It doesn't smell of cucumbers but more of an herbal fragrance similar to the aloe cleanser - nothing too overwhelming. I don't mind it at all & much prefer it to the Rose Toner fragrance, which reminds me of an "old lady" smell. I use the toner twice a day followed by my devita serums/treatments and moisturizers or sun block & eye cream. One of the benefits of this toner, especially since it contains lactic acid, is that I experience less breakouts since the toner takes any extra oil, residue or makeup off my face. It just leaves it that much cleaner and therefore, less prone to breakouts in my opinion. I just ordered a full size bottle (along with several other products from the line) and plan to use it from here on out. Can't wait for Devita to launch more new & exciting products, both skin care & makeup, down the road as I plan to try everything! I plan to leave reviews for the other products I'm currently using as time permits, which include the Optimal Rejuvenation serum, the vitamin C serum, the hylauronic acid serugel, perfecting time moist, nutritional evening moist, solar protective moist 30+, rose toner, aloe cleanser (already reviewed), aloe facial scrub, firming eye cream and the shea brulee hand & body cream...and...just did a haul earlier this week for some products that didn't come in the kits. Phew! That's a lot of products so be patient w/ me!!! I hope this review was helpful!

Jacqueline Gallagher02/12/2012

When I first moved to Arizona - half a lifetime ago - I embraced the sun. Half a lifetime later, I had embarrassing dark brown patches across my jawline and forehead. I had to use a ton of cover up makeup in order to make those patches less noticeable. Now – thanks to a couple months’ worth of using DeVita Skin Brightening, those patches are far less noticeable – they are now a light pink and are continuing to fade. I don’t even bother with cover up makeup – even when I’m getting ready for a nice evening. Thank you, DeVita, for erasing those sins from my skin. lj