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Find out what people are saying about DeVita Skin Care products!

Each individual product page will show you what people are saying about that specific product but if you're looking for the general overview, look no further! Also, don't be shy - we'd love to hear what you think about the products and they help fellow customers get to know them better before their purchase. 

Love Luxe C Serum. Very unique oil. Skin felt smoother and looked brighter right away. Oil absorbs quickly unlike some of the other Vit C products I've used. Will keep it in my routine.
Two of my favorite things in one product, Luxe C17 Serum. Vitamin C and facial oils. It smells so good too! It is quick to absorb and I’ve noticed my skin feeling much more hydrated and looking brighter!
I actually look forward to washing my face at night because of Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser! I love how cushiony it feels -it completely takes off my makeup and leaves it feeling soft, smooth, not tight and dry.
I bought this locally and it has been a great cleanser for my rosacea. It is so gentle. I love the aloe and use it with the perfecting time lotion. I have tried so many products and nothing has worked like this to calm my redness.
I bought this locally and it really helps my rosacea. I think it is the aloe. I love this product and use it with the aloe- based cleanser.
Love this Soothing serum! I have super sensitive skin and I use this serum mixed with Vit C serum during the day and with a mild retinal serum at night to help buffer from any irritation. Won't be without the Seru-gel!